“Official Selection”, Santiago.
A documentarian films the life of a pimp who gets too involved and things start spinning out of control. Through this journey we witness men of violence and prostitutes who once came to this country for better things, but now have to survive the only way they can.

“Official Selection”, DEAR DAD (Short Film).
The story of a father coming to grips with the sense of loss and death of a loved one.

“Official Selection”, Eggman.
This black-and-white short film is about race relations as seen through the eyes of two two minority groups, as represented by a hard-working Mexican immigrant and an African-american kid, who must work together against their social views and injustices in the 1960′s.

“Official Selection”, Amor Imposible:
A short film comedy about a woman, hooked on a Spanish “telenovela”, whose actor comes to “life” to profess his love for the same woman who cries out for him.

Official Delusions of Grandeur (Film)
now the “Official Selection” at the Viña de Oro International Film Festival in Fresno. The story of 22-year old medicated woman who moves out of her father’s home in search for the mother that abandoned her a decade earlier, but finding love and herself in the intricate life of San Francisco.

“Official Selection”, Zenaida,
Directed by 17-year old producer/director from the California Central Valley. A short film about a woman torn by the love she left behind to join the guerilla movement in El Salvador.

“Official Selection”, Barrio MMA Kid: Director’s Cut.
When a young kid turns up murdered, the underground world of MMA street fighting is unraveled and investigated through the eyes of a video camera that is left behind.

A Good Day (Short Film).
A recovering narcotics addict, recently diagnosed with cancer, struggles for survival. Her attempts to find escapism through others threaten to reawaken her addiction.