Maria Rojo

Maria Rojo – Biography

María Rojo was born on August 15, 1943 in Mexico City. She began her artistic career at eight years in the program Teatro Fantástico with Enrique Alonso “Cachirulo”. After acting in several plays as La Mala Semilla and Examen de Muertos in 1955, she began her film career at age 13 in the film Besos Prohibidos in 1956.
She has an outstanding career as film actress and has also starred in many successful telenovelas and theater productions. Her first starring role was in 1975 with the movie El Apando. From there, she has worked in over 70 productions and has become one of the most important actresses of Mexican cinema. Her most recognized performances were in the films Rojo amanecer, Danzón, La tarea, El callejón de los milagros, Salón México, Confidencias, De noche vienes Esmeralda, Crónica de un desayuno and El Infierno.
She also participated in the successful telenovelas Cuando llega el amor, in 1990; La antorcha encendida, in 1996 (in which she played the role of Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez; Te Sigo Amando, in 1996; Alborada, in 2005-2006; Mañana es para siempre, in 2008-2009; and recently Corazón Salvaje, in 2009-2010. Rojo also participated in Mexican TV Series such as: Mujeres Asesinas, in 2008-today; and Gritos de Muerte y Libertad, in 2010, as well as in many theatre plays.
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