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México 2010
Duración: 93 minutos
Directed by: Carolina Duarte

Miguel is a young man with a great imagination and talent for writing; nonetheless he has to contend with the attitudes in a small conformist town. To reach his dreams he must overcome the obstacles and negative opinions to become a great writer.

México 2007
Duración: 90 minutos
Directed by: John Sheedy, David Eckenrode, John Eckenrode

Witness a re-telling of the Mexican and American border crisis through the story of Eusebio de Haro, a young Mexican migrant who was shot and killed during his journey north. Through discussions with A diverse cast of players including de Haro’s family and neighbors, vigilantes and border patrol, give a human face to the issues and numbers that bombard those of us living on the border.

México 2009
Duración: 60 minutos
Director: John Sheedy

The Tijuana Project is a documentary film about the people who pick through the trash at the Tijuana garbage dump for survival and the lives of six children who live next to this immense mountain for trash. The stories that the children bring to light cover a range of pressing global themes such as garbage management, recycling, health issues, drug abuse, education, and family. This film is about creating vibrant, healthy bridges across borders in a community that was described by Mother Teresa as one of “the world’s most destitute”. It depicts a poverty stricken neighborhood just miles from the U.S. border that hangs beneath a virtual cloud of seagulls, scavenging alongside the workers. Ultimately, it tells the story of the heart, hope and humanity that somehow survive under heart wrenching conditions. The revolutionary acts of those building long-term solutions such as the hope of a school in the dump, has created an air of opportunity that is most effectively seen in this documentary by the enthusiasm of the children who live there.

México 2011
Duración: 11 minutos
Directed by: John Sheedy y Sandra Bustillos

An intimate look at the Comca’ac (also know at the Seri) New Year which is celebrated at the end of June each year. It examines the important ceremonies involved with this unique event and it gives special attention to the capture and return of a sea turtle.

México 2011
Duración: 27 minutos
Director: Victor E. Navarro

According to the mythology of comca’acs, in Sonora,México, their ancestors were giants and the ground was created thanks to a sea turtle’s heroism. The well-being of the community depends on the shaman’s powers and the knowledge of their elders. Felipe, a comca’ac fisherman, decides to forget his own history and serve Christ so he
can enter his Kingdom.

México 2011
Duración: 24 min.
Dirección: Karen Silva / Jaime Villa

The production of a mescal called Bacanora started at Sonora more than three hundred years ago. At 1915 its production was prohibited and the wine makers started to make it underground. When the prohibition was revoked “The Mescal´s Old Men” tell us how, for more than 70 years, despite the prosecution, the jail and the harassment, they conserved the more emblematic tradition from the Sonoran Desert Mountains.

México, 2011
Duración: 26 minutos
Guión y dirección: Lucia Antares
100 years after the strike that change the history of Mexico, Cananea’s miners keep on making history, defending their rights, absorbed by a work they carried in the blood legacy. Day by day they put their lives in danger but even then they do it with passion while watching history repeat. Flower of the Ground is a new look to the miners in strike and the young workers that carry the weight of a miner city that gave birth to the struggle for worker’s rights in Mexico.

México, 2010
Duración 52 minutos
Dirigido por Mónica Luna Sayós

Bacatete, donde se oye la guerra, its a journey that takes us to the mountain range of Bacatete, the sonoran Yaqui territory, opening up to vital passages to a story of survival, told by yaqui women and men whose living word reflects the depth and permanence, the aftermath and consequences of the impact left on his people over a century plagued by violent confrontations, bringing death, hunger and painful separations. Deportation, persecution and massacres are as alive in the memory of the indians and as dusted in the files and documents or social conscience. It is a war that started more than a century ago and does not end with the territory settlements signed by the mexican president Lázaro Cárdenas during the 1930’s.
The mountain range of the Bacatete is, to the yaquis, sacred land, depository of their history of resistance, and home of heroes. It’s where you can still hear the war.

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